Elaine Valois & Hezar Courson

Sound/Voice Training:

“I am downright honored and excited  to have the opportunity to speak about Hezar Courson and her groundbreaking explorations into the vibrational  healing power of sound and song, of  deep memory and emotional history. Hezar also brings to this work her dancing skills ,her beautiful voice and her extraordinary  massage sessions.  I don’t know of anyone else who is doing this kind of work with this kind of depth understanding. I’ve had two unique experiences with Hezar that were a total surprise. The retina specialist told me that the blood clot in my  blinded right eye was permanent. After two sessions with Hezar the blood clot was gone!  In one of the group sessions I was able to deeply cry over the death of my beloved daughter. I had been unable to cry for 30 years. What may seem to be addressed does not predict what will happen. Authentic  Therapy happens that way, and Hezar’s work is authentic, original. heart-felt and effective.”  – Elaine Valois

“Hezar is a truly intuitive, caring and supportive teacher, and I really enjoyed her voice workshops where she shared her amazing musical gifts.  Besides various voice exercises, I loved the improv musical games and song writing exercises that challenged me in very fun ways.  I could hardly wait for the next workshop when we all met again!  Hezar held a fun and safe space for all of us to play and explore, and her wonderful workshops have truly helped me connect with my inner space and express myself through my musical voice.” – Su Ruan

“Hezar’s 7-week vocal expression series enhanced the way I approach artistic expression. She has compiled and intuited many helpful vocal exercises that has since assisted me in accessing my subconscious; and this ultimately created an opening through which new sounds, words, and modes of expression came forth. I feel that this class is extremely helpful for those who want to use their voice in either a professional setting, or for people who simply want to express from their heart in an unobstructed manner. Personally this class helped me re-access sounds that I thought were impossible for me to access since I lost my voice. I am so grateful for Hezar’s gentle approach to catalyzing the expression of my inner symphonies.” – Omega

“Hezar’s voice classes are some of the most fun and valuable classes I have ever taken.
She facilitates groups in a gracious way and makes opening and liberating the voice a positive and pleasant experience. I would recommend her classes to anyone.” – Lucas Tarquino

“When I first met Hezar and heard her singing, I was astounded to feel how she was singing openly through from her whole body. I was so intrigued with how she had opened herself and her voice so deeply and naturally. Now after taking her amazing course, I am so grateful for Hezar’s loving and brilliant support in exploring realms of sound and singing that open new parts of my being. With her expansive and very dynamic creativity she has opened a whole new possibility for my singing and feeling sound. With her support, my throat blockage finally is dissolving. Now I’m finding another deep note in my lower octave vibrating throughout my body through which my soul now joyfully expresses and experiences sound and life through.” – Solea Spurr PA, ND(e), PhD

Leola Massage with Sound/Voice:

“Hezar Courson gave me one of the most multi-dimensional experiences I have had in a long time: a “sound-flow” massage. It was like no other, perhaps because she brings  her extensive knowledge of sound healing to her work as well as  her knowledge of movement.  She seems to intuit the true source of what is called “relaxation”; liquidity.  Hezar has the Voice of an angel and  hands with the strength  of a mighty river. Her work is what massage is supposed to be; a moving experience. ”
Elaine Valois.  Movement Specialist

” A Session with Hezar is like a trip to heaven ! Your body will be relaxed beyond belief , your soul is soothed and your spirit is lifted ! Truly a blessing ” love , 
Diane Cline. Kundalini Practitioner

“Hezar is one of my favorite bodyworkers. She is strong and very tuned into just what kind of healing I need every time. Her unique sound bath towards the end with bowls and voice and other magic tools is very transformative and has an effect of resetting old energy patterns in my nervous system which helps my body to incorporate what’s been opened up in the massage. I highly recommend a session with Hezar. She is one of the best body workers I have ever received from. Treat yourself to this magical and deeply healing experience.” ~ Amrita DuBois