Hezar Courson
Voice Coach
Singer Song wirter

Hezar Courson

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Voice Empowerment Coach

Singer, song writer

Sound Immersion Facilitator

Graphic Artist

Video Editor

Your Voice Is Your Own Healer

Soul Symphonies encourages and supports you to unify your inner an outer voice, allowing for a seamless flow of creativity and awareness, revealing your authentic self and innate gifts.  This divine union with your soul/higher self allows you to live a thriving life of truth, clarity and fulfillment.

“Your voice is a sacred instrument of your divine nature, use it from the heart, as it will reflect your universal prayer as you dream this vibration into creation.”

Your voice is the vibrational expression and resonance of your souls essence.  Breath is spirit/prana/mana.  The sound your body makes with this breath is your unique souls essence – your spiritual signature.  Your voice in its pure free state is your divine essence expressed in this dimension.  Used with intention, which is another form of vibration, you can harmonize your being allowing your innate state of bliss, tenderness and joy to permeate your experience. Your voice reflects back to you your souls essence and path you are walking. 

The body and the voice are one, connected at the scientific level thru the vagus nerve.  By using body, mind and voice techniques, we explore our core nature, expand our awareness, clear old thinking and bring forth the joy that we innately are.  Be ready for the unexpected, open to miracles as a way of life, connect with your intuitive nature, expand your being’s expression of life.  

When we allow, accept and embrace all that we are, this wholeness experience includes the infinite expressions of life, allowing the perceiver free of separation, while honoring the choices we make in each moment. Our voice and self expression is key to how we co-create with life and magnetize our dreams into existence.

“Creating a vibration of harmony in your being is the foundation of a joyous life.”