Voice Empowerment Coaching

Soul symphonies opens you to reconnect with your inner an outer voice, and allow that to be a seamless flow of creativity and awareness, revealing your authentic self and innate gifts.  This union with your soul/higher self allows you to live a thriving life of truth, clarity and fulfillment. The body and the voice are one, by using body, mind and voice techniques, we explore our core nature, expand our awareness, clear old thinking and bring forth the joy that we innately are. Be ready for the unexpected, open to miracles as a way of life, connect with your intuitive nature, expand your being’s expression of life.   Also expect your voice to be more available to you; stronger, more flexible, connected and expressive. Vocal tone and range improvement. Vocal ease and stamina. Breath control and expansion. Sessions are 1.5 hrs

Please contact me for session rates and special packages 808 652 8750

Sound Bath Journeys

Group or private sessions. Take a journey through the magic of nature with beautiful instruments representing the elements, reminding the body of its natural harmonic state of peace, joy and grace. I will create a safe and transformational space of divine connection, allowing your whole being to rejuvenate and relax into harmonic peace. Sessions are 1+ hr

Sound Immersion: 

One of one sessions. I will facilitate a sound immersion experience through my voice and instrument to create a safe and transformative space of divine connection, allowing your whole being to be rejuvenated and relax into harmonic peace. Sessions are 1+ hr

Vibrational Rebalancing:

One of one sessions. Lomi bodywork and sound immersion session brings harmony and balance to the body, mind and spirit allowing your being to be in peaceful harmonic coherence. Sessions are 1.5 hrs or 2hrs

Other Trainings and Classes:

Sonic Soul Dive is two afternoons of exploration which includes:
Breath of Life – We dive into the breath for purification using pranayama, Tibetan 10 breaths, Qigong, and Wim Hoff techniques, preparing the body to receive new clarity from the freedom and space the breath cultivates.
Sing Your Soul Awake – We will explore our voices by opening the channel, clearing the pathways to cultivate melody and soul song. Connecting our inner and out voice of expression towards an awakened state of presence and love of self.
Toning Purification Ceremony. Purifies and aligns your energy, clearing the energy field of incoherent frequencies, purifying your energy bodies and bringing in deep peace and rejuvenation.
Sonic Sound Spa – Opening to receive the frequencies of nature through
instruments and voice. A deep meditation for absorbing the frequencies your body needs to rejuvenate, revitalize and harmonize to a peaceful state of grace.

Yoga of the Voice – We will explore the magic and mystery of your souls vibrational frequency as a powerful healer and gift. Experience the joy of your own voice through: Chanting, Sounding, Toning and singing. Open to everyone, this 4 week series offers a dedicated time for you to empower and improve your vocal expression, join with community in song and open to new experiences.

Voice of Peace – Learn Vocal Empowerment exercises to unite your inner and outer voice, cultivating peace on all levels, as you embrace your divine essence. In this one day training we will explore vocal/body exercises from the Voice of Peace, which informs your breath, voice, movement and meditation to a state of peace-filled awareness. These exercises stimulate your body mind spirit connection allowing for transformation through your own intuition and presence, which intern guides you towards what I term “Empowered Grace”. If your passion is for singing, sound healing, public speaking, acting, or to open and free your natural voice, these exercises will empower those creative expressions.

Soul Song Symphonies – Come together as tribe to support each other discovering and sharing your soul songs. This 3 week series offers a dedicated time for you to focus on discovering and creating your soul songs and join with community to amplify your inner landscape of music. Using hypnotic techniques you will be regressed to the conception point of your human design. Moving through the birth canal of all eternity you’ll be guided to conceptualize your soul song symphony as frequency sound and light. Then using specific exercises to bring out your inner music and create a magical musical journey of life.

Toning Purification Ceremonies – In these voice ceremonies we use a specific Tibetan voice technique that balances your chakra’s, aligns your energy in the spine, clears the energy field of incoherent frequencies purifying your energy bodies and bringing in deep peace and rejuvenation. One hour of toning and then receiving sound for 30 mins.  Activates, clears, purifies, harmonizes, cultivating more awareness and peace throughout your whole body system. Approximately 1.5hrs.

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