My various trainings encompass a variation of the themes below:

Opening the Channel – Clearing the vocal channels of conditioning.

Opening the channels will immerse you into your unique expression and voice. Opening the voice means opening the whole body, allowing your unique frequency to emerge as a powerful transformer. This training is also foundational for actors, singers and public speakers.  We will also explore shamanic instruments and voice to expand your vibrational expression with all the elements.

Clearing the Pathways – Clearing and reconnecting the organs and body systems to divine source.

Clearing the pathways is all about connecting deeply with your physical and psychic body’s.  We learn how to clear our organs and body systems through sound, intention and imagination, reconnecting the organs and body systems to divine source. We will also explore creating art and song that emerges from your body dialogues.

Soul Symphonies – Creating song from your inner landscape

By establishing the innate tones of your body with Clearing the Pathways previously, you will create your own Body Song, unique to you, as a clear reminder of your divine connection to source. So whenever your not feeling 100%, singing your song will remind the body of your connection to source and re-harmonize your whole being.   Just as the whale has a new song every year, so too can you develop new body songs when you feel major shift have taken place in the your life on any level.  This repertoire of music and song is your divine symphony.  A powerful and profound gift of your unique life expression.

Trainings cover:

Opening the channel – Releasing muscle memory and opening the body to new expression

Bypassing the mind – Surrendering to the unknown

Freeing your fear – Birthing a new frequency

Freeing your Essence – Discover your uniqueness

Embracing your souls dream – Unveil your souls gift

Soul Symphonies – Creating music and song from your inner discoveries


Yoga of the Voice – We will explore the magic and mystery of your souls vibrational frequency as a powerful healer and gift.  Experience the joy of your own voice through: Chanting, Sounding, Toning and singing.

Voice of Peace – “Ignite Your Empowered Grace” Learn Vocal Empowerment Exercises to unite your inner and outer voice, cultivating peace on all levels, as you embrace your divine essence.

Soul Song Symphonies – Come together as tribe to support each other discovering and sharing your soul songs.

Toning Purification Ceremony – Using an ancient Tibetan toning technique, we purify the body through your own and others voices.  One hour of toning and then receiving sound for 30 mins.  Activates, clears, purifies, harmonizes, cultivating more awareness and peace throughout your whole body system. I am available to facilitate these ceremonies for groups and retreats.

Alchemy of Self Expression –This alchemical journey using rhythm, dance and song allows your inner magic to blossom and emanate your divine essence, opening new pathways of creativity and fulfillment.