NATURE by Hezar Courson  
My thoughts and your thoughts
Were found in a bloom
Dancing and swirling
From seed to perfume  

Come, share the music
For our hearth be always warm
Invite a dancer en-joy
And you two shall be born  

Lay not in ideal
Laugh and play as you grow
Ignite reunion and friends
Surf the infinite flow  

Soon my tears and your tears
Were found in the dew
Melting and flowing
Like dreams we pursue  

Grow to new heights
Above the sky be the theme
Knowing beyond doubt
We will birth a new dream  

Not knowing the journey
We raced ahead of the day
So lets pause, and be filled
Allow love guide the way  

Then my eyes and your eyes
Saw beauty abound
In each other, love viewed
Hence we were never found  

For our thoughts and god’s thoughts
Brought fire and swooned
Add a drop to the pot
Seed, bloom, perfume  

BIRTH, A UNION by Hezar Courson

The subtleties of life pronounce the day begun
For all moments lived blend into one
We awaken in time, like a blink and were done
Opening anew like a ray from the sun  

Flash, its true, a bright life is now born
Holding a gem to tell to the morn
Bring forth your new blessings
Show the dawn how you fly
For never again will this moment   
Pause or show sye  

We have come with the word
A voice that is clear
Holding true to the notes
We caress and hold dear

For our love runs the river
Flowing full and in tune
Listen deep, listen nobly
Hear from your heart
We’re one voice, all the notes
Traveling true to the path  

One inch, a millennium
One note births a sun
One thought emanates life
Through light and it’s done
So go forth and imbue
Holding life in your grace
Chaliced in your soul
A divine loving embrace